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Society And Culture With Family Planning Ebook Download garlronl




BERNHARD LAHEY. CHAPTER. PARTNERSHIPS AND CULTURE INDIVIDUALITY: DEVELOPING CULTURAL I DEVELOPMENT OF INDIVIDUALITY. COURSES AVAILABLE. CHAPTER. DETAILED MATERIALS. PAGE. DETAILED MATERIALS. P. SECTIONS OF THIS PAGE. 11. Family: Teachers on the practical side: A. In the field of family and marital relationships there are many problems, not least the problem of obtaining a suitable spouse. This is most urgent in the case of adult children, both male and female, where a need exists for effective support from their parents. The teacher must recognise that in such a context the family is not separate but is one of the main lines of family life, and that close working with and inside the family must be pursued as a main line of work of the teacher. The teacher must therefore be aware of the family as a system, and his or her work within it, and should be aware of such essential concepts as marriage, sexual relations, the family secret, the family ring, the family pattern, the family mind, the family value, the family hierarchy, the family bedroom, the family bed, the family table, the family wardrobe, the family study, the family eating-room, the family bathroom, the family mirror and the family washing-machine. Families which live very closely together, for example in communal flats, are a special case, especially when the teacher is working with the children of the family. He or she must make a real effort to understand their situation, because the practical problems arising are special ones. In the case of the communal flats and blocks, the teacher should be in contact with all the flats or blocks which are concerned. The teacher should be aware of the rules and regulations which affect the situation, as well as the needs of the people concerned and should be ready to help and support the community. The teacher should also try to work closely with the communal organisations and with the representative(s) of the people living in the flats. It is also important to realise that there are often situations in which parents




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Society And Culture With Family Planning Ebook Download garlronl

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